Busy Year
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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hello people :D Today Dikna nak bajet2 speaking walaupon bnyk grammatical error . Takpe lah , as long as we try kann ^^

 See the title ?? Okay , just wanna tell you guys that im really busy for this year . Why ? Because this year Dikna ade peperiksaan SMA and SMATQ .. I must focus on three things . First , SPM subjects . Second , SMA subjects and the last one , i must achieve the target for Quran . It is really though for me . Many people said form 4 is a honeymoon year . But for me , it is not ! It's really a challenging year for me and my friends . We must get "MUMTAZ" for all the SMA and SMATQ subjects and finish our Quran before next year . Please pray for us kay T_T 

Im hostel-ian . So , I will not online unless it is holiday . And sorry for those who visit and follow my blog . I cannot follow back and reply your messages on time . But if i have time , i'll do it okay ? Thankyou so much ^.^

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