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Day 1 : Cabaran 25 Hari Blogging


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

[Siapa Saya]

Before we proceed , kindly click THIS . Thankyou 💌


My full name is Syarah Nurfarhana binti Shaharudin . My friends always called me Sya or Caah while my parents called me Farhana . But I always called myself as Dikna when I talked to my family . I'm from Sepang, Selangor . Currently studying at Islamic Science University of Malaysia as foundation student in science and technology course . I'm gonna be 19 soon on 23rd February 2017 . 

I started blogging since 2010 because I have friends that love to blog . Seeing their passionate in editing the blog and post , it makes me wanna try something new . Im not an active blogger tho since I dont know what should I post about . Serious talk I'm not a good story teller thats why I'm having some problems in making sentences and this lead me to hate writing ! Ohmy haha

Oh yeah , I'm an introvert person . I really scared to talk in front of many people . I'll sweat and shaking a lot ! I hate that nervousness . I mean , I want to talk comfortably like others but the nervousness is just too much erghh somebody help me ! Well you know when you're in university level , there will be a lot of presentations . Aaaa i dont know how i'm gonna face it 😫 Do pray for me hahah .

Fyi people gonna call me a fierce person when I'm not in a good mood . It's better not to disturb me cause I was like ergh want to scold everyone that I met and I also doesn't like people who take or use my stuffs without my permission . But most of people don't know I'm that fierce cause I rarely show it . I mean I try my best not to show it . It's not like I try to be a hypocrite , but I just dont really like when people see me in that way .

p/s : I also love flowers and cute things ahaha biase lah tu perempuan 💁

Okay thats all about me . Thanks for those yang bace sampai abis 😭

Blogger SyaaFirza said...

hi, study USIM eh ? Sepang tu kat mana ? me too dari sepang :D

Blogger Shikin Razali said...

Oooo, Sya belajar kat USIM.. Kat Sepang tue di mana? akak pun dduk kat Sepang jugak, kat Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.. =)

Blogger Dikna Sya said...

@SyaaFirza haii ! haah study kat usim . Waa ye kee ! Saya tinggal dekat2 dengan bbst dekat ngan ipd sepang jugak ^^

@Shikin Razali waa akak pun tinggal kat sepang kee . Rumah saya dekat2 dengan ipd sepang tu :D

Blogger farah adila said...

well I'm an introvert too . and yaa, so hard to talk comfortably with others :(

Blogger Dikna Sya said...

@farah adila kann T_T

Blogger faten.banana said...

i used to suffer from nervousness when asked to talk in front but lol no more I guess? Bila dah masuk u, hm dont be suprised bila buat presentation pakai mic bagai sobs


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